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Our use of cookies and other information gathering technologies

  1. About Cookies

    1. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or device by websites that you visit. Cookies allow a website to ‘remember’ you either for the duration of your visit – session cookies – or between visits – persistent cookies. Cookies, therefore, can expire at the end of session or can persist for days, months or even years. The persistence of a cookie is under the control of the website that sets it.
    2. Cookies can be used for many purposes but typically are used to remember who you are between pages on a website or for storing your preferences and generally improving your experience of a website.
    3. Cookies can be set by the website you are visiting – first party cookies – or by other websites that are using another website to host content – third-party cookies. If a website embedded, say, a YouTube video, YouTube may well set a cookie when the video is viewed, this would be a ‘third-party’ cookie.
  2. Managing cookies

    1. Most web browsers allow at least a degree of control over cookies through their settings. You can opt to receive an alert whenever a cookie is set or even to disallow the setting of cookies altogether. You can also delete all existing cookies.
    2. For information about how to manage or delete cookies for you particular browser, please refer to the browser’s documentation. Alternatively, you can visit, which has comprehensive information on how to manage cookies on a wide variety of desktop browsers.
    3. Note, many websites use Adobe Flash Player to deliver video content to their users. Adobe utilise their own cookies, which are not manageable through your browser settings. The cookies are used by the Flash Player for various purposes, such as storing preferences or tracking users.
  3. Use of Cookies on The Daily Mile website

    Recent legislation (The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as amended in 2011) requires websites based in the EU to:

    • Inform visitors about the purpose of cookies that the website sets
    • Obtain consent before setting cookies
    • Obtaining Consent
  4. 1.5 Obtaining consent

    1. For visitors to the website, at the top of the home page there is a notice alerting the visitor to the use of cookies on The Daily Mile website. The notice gives the option to accept the use of cookies on The Daily Mile website website.
    2. By choosing to accept their use, a cookie is placed on the visitor’s computer so that The Daily Mile website website can ‘remember’ the visitor’s preference. On subsequent visits to the website, if the presence of the cookie is detected the notice will not appear.
    3. Note, it is not technically possible to transfer this preference so you will see the notice again if you browse The Daily Mile website website on other devices or browsers.
    4. From time to time we will be setting new cookies as we add features to The Daily Mile website. These cookies will be listed in the table above and we recommend you regularly view the Privacy and Cookie Policy for any changes.
    5. If you opt not to accept cookies but wish to visit The Daily Mile website website you will need to manage the cookies using the settings on your browser, as discussed in the section above. However, if you browse The Daily Mile website website having opted to disallow cookies you will still be able to use the website but certain features and functionality will be lost.
    6. If you choose to ignore the notice but continue using the website, depending on the settings on your browser, cookies will be set. If you are at all concerned about cookies, we recommend that you do not use The Daily Mile website website until you have clearly understood the implications or have altered your browser settings accordingly.