The Daily Mile is a free and simple children’s health initiative that involves nursery and primary school children running or jogging for 15 minutes every day. We’ve put together a range of free resources below which we hope you will find helpful when implementing The Daily Mile.


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The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional, social and mental health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.

It is a profoundly simple but effective concept, which any primary or nursery school can implement completely free of charge and without the need for staff training.

We have provided the resources below to help you make The Daily Mile a success in your school!

Our Resources

A5 Flyer What Children Like

Teachers’ Advice The Daily Mile Presentation

Risk Assessment Letter For Parents

Welcome Pack What Staff Say

Setting Up Guidance School Self Evaluation

Videos Case Studies


Using our name and logo

We love seeing schools and nurseries creating new and exciting resources that contain our name and logo. However, please note that “The Daily Mile” name and logo are both trademarked. This means before anything is printed, distributed or shared online, it must be approved in writing by a member of The Daily Mile Foundation. For more information or to seek approval, please Contact Us.


Still unsure?

If you have any queries about starting The Daily Mile at your school, please see our FAQs, Case Studies of schools doing The Daily Mile or Contact us.