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Discover Elaine’s top ten tips for The Daily Mile success!

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Elaine’s top 10 essentials for schools

The Daily Mile is easy to implement and fun to do. In my experience, even children who are reluctant to take part in P.E. enjoy and participate happily in The Daily Mile. Children with mobility difficulties should be fully supported to take part as well. Here are my top ten essentials for getting started with your own Daily Mile!

1   Keep it simple – resist the temptation to over-complicate it! The Daily Mile should be fun and sustainable, in order to improve the children’s health and wellbeing.

2   Carry out a risk assessment – to ensure that The Daily Mile is a safe activity for all children.

3   When marking out your mile, create numerous smaller laps to keep the course fun and engaging. This allows the children to enjoy running as far as they can in the 15 minutes.

4   Children should know that it’s not a competition- many mix running and walking, particularly at the start.

5   It’s fully inclusive – make sure all the children are out in the fresh air with their friends.

6   Do it daily – otherwise children find it hard, and won’t enjoy all the benefits.

7   Treat it daily – otherwise children will find it hard, and won’t enjoy all the benefits.

8   No need to warm up and warm down or change clothes.

9   Do your Daily Mile when it suits you – fit it in around your teaching day.

10   Connect it to the classroom – it can be fun to link The Daily Mile to the curriculum.

It's fantastic to see initiatives like The Daily Mile be established, showing real leadership from the eduction sector to improve children's fitness levels, their cognitive behaviour and make a real different to schools, teachers, parents and young people's lived. We know sitting still kills; not sitting still helps children build skills that will stay with them for life.

Tanni Grey-Thomson